Megaman: The Lost Chronicle

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Strip 1: The Author Introduction
Strip 2: Beginning at the End, sort of
Strip 3: -Insert Robot Master Selection Music Here-
Strip 4: The never ending battle continues until all destructive forces are defeated.
Strip 5: The gun can charge in this game, remember?
Strip 6: The First Robot Master Encounter
Strip 7: He can still charge his gun
Strip 8: Not much punchline in this strip. Shut up.
Strip 9: Enter Stage Two
Strip 10: Are we SURE Protoman isn't evil?
Strip 11: Protoman wimps out
Strip 12: Various Political Powers
Strip 13: Tasty pizza
Strip 14: The Ice Cream Reference
Strip 15: Subtle Author Appearance
Strip 16: The Commie-Bot's Only Appearance
Strip 17: The Fili Buster is Useless
Strip 18: The Power of Democracy
Strip 19: Sniper Joe Returns
Strip 20: The Next Level
Strip 21: Rush, the Robotic Dog!
Strip 22: First Obstacle
Strip 23: Second Obstacle
Strip 24: What if the postal service was slow?
Strip 25: The Power of Communication
Strip 26: Mail is never delivered wrong
Strip 27: Magic Marker is Useless
Strip 28: Markers CAN be useful for getting rid of mail
Strip 29: The Return of Rush, the Robotic Dog!
Strip 30: Enter the Dump
Strip 31: That's a Dumpster, if you couldn't figure it out.
Strip 32: This Happens in Every Game
Strip 33: Look! A Background! Well, a door.
Strip 34: Garbage Man's Weak Entrance
Strip 35: Garbage Man's Ability is Revealed
Strip 36: Mega Man's Logic
Strip 37: Garbage Man's Weakness is Revealed
Strip 38: Nobody Liked Garbage Man Anyway
Strip 39: A Visit Home
Strip 40: On a completely different topic...
Strip 41: Now how much would you pay?
Strip 42: Technically, Dr. Light only helped make it. Meh.
Strip 43: It's... pink
Strip 44: An Unexpected Friend
Strip 45: He is still cool
Strip 46: Megaman still thinks he's cool, too
Strip 47: A Misunderstanding with the Robot Master
Strip 48: Somebody is easily angered
Strip 49: The Trash Dump attack
Strip 50: Best Party in AD 20XX, featuring members of the #bobandgeorge community
Strip 51: Wo Man's Last Stand
Strip 52: The Next Level
Strip 53: Aww, A cute widdle kitty!
Strip 54: Megaman is Saved
Strip 55: He even has shades. Megaman doesn't have shades.
Strip 56: There's big river things in Napalm Man's stage.
Strip 57: Enter: Napalm Man
Strip 58: This strip brought to you by the Dairy Farmers of America.
Strip 59: Use of Egg Beater
Strip 60: Chocolate Rules All
Strip 61: Megaman Does Stuff
Strip 62: Chocolate Is No More
Strip 63: Return to the Light Side
Strip 64: Even his creator shuns him
Strip 65: It's so very beautiful
Strip 66: It's still good
Strip 67: At least he can't rust
Strip 68: Look on the bright side
Strip 69: Megaman's Plan Unravels
Strip 70: Megaman's Plan still in action
Strip 71: It never fails
Strip 72: The Doppler Effect
Strip 73: The Forecast
Strip 74: They Exchange Shots
Strip 75: He can slide
Strip 76: Megaman's Realization
Strip 77: Firing Bottle Rockets
Strip 78: Fire two
Strip 79: You Don't Know Rock!
Strip 80: How come he doesn't get the Radar?
Strip 81: It's... pink... Part 2
Strip 82: Checking the Computer
Strip 83: Checking Up on Eddie
Strip 84: That Question Again
Strip 85: Wily's Backup Fortress
Strip 86: Megaman realizes something
Strip 87: Who ya gonna call?
Strip 88: Megaman's poor sense of direction
Strip 89: It's one of those...
Strip 90: Joe's Back
Strip 91: We meet again
Strip 92: The Fall of Joe
Strip 93: At last, the door
Strip 94: The Boss Appears
Strip 95: First Attack
Strip 96: Second Attack
Strip 97: Third Attack
Strip 98: Megaman Takes Action
Strip 99: Jason Saves the Day?
Strip 100: The 100th Strip
Strip 101: Wily's Fortress, Stage Two
Strip 102: Megaman's Greatest Foe
Strip 103: The Ultimate Attack
Strip 104: Camera Man is a Robot Master in 'Jailhouse Blues.'
Strip 105: The Pit of Despair
Strip 106: Quite a Pain
Strip 107: Megaman broke gravity!
Strip 108: Megaman Continues to Fall
Strip 109: The Pit Demon appears
Strip 110: The Pit Demon's Challenge
Strip 111: Megaman's Angry
Strip 112: The Battle Begins
Strip 113: Pit Demon Attacks
Strip 115: Well, crap.
Strip 116: Beam him up, Wily
Strip 117: Pizza and Politics
Strip 118: Markers and Mail
Strip 119: Good ol' Wily, always good for a laugh
Strip 120: Garbage and a Girl
Strip 121: The Final Two
Strip 122: Wily's First Machine
Strip 123: Megaman's Having a Ball
Strip 124: The Only Flash Effect in this Series
Strip 125: The Hedgehog Defeats Wily
Strip 126: Wily's Next Machine
Strip 127: Wily Tank Attacks
Strip 128: Lousy Bob-ombs
Strip 129: All Hail MetaSyke!
Strip 130: Wily's an Idiot
Strip 131: Fun With Tanks
Strip 132: Phase Two
Strip 133: What a shocker!
Strip 134: Little Spike
Strip 135: Megaman hates that doctor
Strip 136: Stupid useless weapons
Strip 137: A not-so-useless weapon
Strip 138: Wily Strikes Back!
Strip 139: Wily: The Final Form
Strip 140: Game Over
Strip 141: Noooo!
Strip 142: Check your internet connection.
Strip 143: Victory at last!
Strip 144: Paging Dr. Light
Strip 145: You eat a lot of Bacon on the Atkins Diet.
Strip 146: Look, Dr. Light shows up.
Strip 147: Wily's not COMPLETELY evil
Strip 148: It's a Contragedy!
Strip 149: Dr. Light's Helpful Response
Strip 150: More Contraversy.
Strip 151: The Eternal Struggle
Strip 152: Are You One Of Them?
Strip 153: He must have a high Sneak ability.
Strip 154: Does it really matter?
Strip 155: Wily's Comic Still Exists
Strip 156: Haven't we heard that exchange before?
Strip 157: Roll the Credits
Strip 158: Home sweet home
Strip 159: Light's Tough Decision
Strip 160: Contra is an excellent game series by Konami.
Strip 161: He's a Moocher
Strip 162: Something is Up
Strip 163: That's it?
Strip 164: Megaman is Right
Strip 165: Konami made 3 Contra games, with a 4th coming soon.
Strip 166: And the grand prize is...
Strip 167: The Plot Thickens
Strip 168: If you hate what I did here, I'm sorry.
Strip 169: Read it backwards.
Strip 170: Something sinister
Strip 171: Polite as James Bond
Strip 172: Show me your moves!
Strip 173: Death of a hero
Strip 174: Megaman's Hostage
Strip 175: It's not a very good hostage...
Strip 176: Mysterious Robot in a Brown Suit
Strip 177: He... attacks?
Strip 178: He's a polite villain
Strip 179: More talking. Woo.
Strip 180: The Next Generation!
Strip 181: A bit easy...
Strip 182: Light's new TV and sprites
Strip 183: It must've been big.
Strip 184: Megaman's Fight for Peace Begins!
Strip 185: The Holy SacraMet
Strip 186: It's true, you know.
Strip 187: No, that sprite is NOT taken from Jailhouse Blues.
Strip 188: Wily's Not Concerned
Strip 189: Dr. Light's Agreement
Strip 190: A New Enemy
Strip 191: A Wacky New Skill He's Got
Strip 192: Oh boy, fun
Strip 193: Moving on...
Strip 194: Remember the 2nd Commandment?
Strip 195: He hates Clergy Man more than Megaman
Strip 196: Clergy Man's got a shocking surprise
Strip 197: What can distract a pastor?
Strip 198: At least it's not Latin. *shudder*
Strip 199: Do you know where I got that background?
Strip 200: Apparently, Megaman can do that
Strip 201: Look back in the archives if you don't get it
Strip 202: Well, at least it's not a bible quote.
Strip 203: A different-colored building!
Strip 204: I wish I had a leather chair.
Strip 205: Ooh, his attack is much fancier.
Strip 206: A Break with Megaman
Strip 207: Protoman's Fancy Attack
Strip 208: Congress can't stand Religion
Strip 209: Protoman gives Megaman the Fili Buster
Strip 210: Army Man's Place, Yo
Strip 211: Me, too.
Strip 212: Everybody guessed the origin of that background...
Strip 213: The weapon with a big name!
Strip 214: It's not Ran.
Strip 215: Actual fighting!
Strip 216: It's like that fighting game about that street.
Strip 217: The Fili Buster Kicks Ass
Strip 218: And so, Army Man falls
Strip 219: It's not Water World
Strip 220: Dolphin Trouble
Strip 221: But he can't duck...
Strip 222: Gasp! A more detailed background!
Strip 223: Holy crap...
Strip 224: He can attack, too.
Strip 225: Megaman's screwed, or is he?
Strip 226: Is anyone else tiring of Fisher Man yet?
Strip 227: Get it? Electric Reel?
Strip 228: It's not very far away.
Strip 229: He's just lonely.
Strip 230: Don't you hate that?
Strip 231: ...what the hell?
Strip 232: You'll find out next strip
Strip 233: I never played it, personally.
Strip 234: Oh, the pain!
Strip 235: Megaman, the Lost Life
Strip 236: Uh... oops.
Strip 237: Stupid Newton
Strip 238: Cold and tasty water
Strip 239: Ask Dr. Light!
Strip 240: Coming up next on TV...
Strip 241: Good ol' Monsteropolis.
Strip 242: No, it IS the rabbit!
Strip 243: Megaman is Spared
Strip 244: He's scary now.
Strip 245: He's still got the spring, though.
Strip 246: Finished with the Winter Wonderland
Strip 247: Back at Dr. Light's lab.
Strip 248: And so, the battle rages on
Strip 249: B-gas Trouble
Strip 250: The Snow Attack!
Strip 251: The Snow Attack, cont.
Strip 252: Darn, he's not a Snow Goon.
Strip 253: Science can be fun.
Strip 254: Dramatic!
Strip 255: He's back.
Strip 256: Megaman vs. Snow Man 2
Strip 257: At least it's not yellow.
Strip 258: Can you guess this game?
Strip 259: Hint: The game has poor controls.
Strip 260: Hint: The game features crash dummies.
Strip 261: Hint: The game has repetitive gameplay.
Strip 262: Hint: The game has poor level design.
Strip 263: Deja vu all over again
Strip 264: Meanwhile...
Strip 265: Delivery Man Does Something!
Strip 266: Megaman makes a funny.
Strip 267: He has balls, too.
Strip 268: Yeah, THIS is useful.
Strip 269: Robot Master Bowling!
Strip 270: Uh-oh! This weapon is... *gasp* USEFUL!
Strip 271: Doctor Who?
Strip 273: Why didn't they answer the phone?
Strip 274: Megaman awakens for some reason.
Strip 275: Well, it IS.
Strip 276: He's got a point.
Strip 277: Mmm mmm. Tasty.
Strip 278: What "First Law"?
Strip 279: More Dr. Light. Yeah...
Strip 280: I just didn't know what else to do...
Strip 281: Mr. Big
Strip 282: Don't mock big people.
Strip 283: Jump jump jump!
Strip 284: What?
Strip 285: It COULD be right...
Strip 286: Hm. Well, uh... hm.
Strip 287: Insult Robot Master Fighting.
Strip 288: This is improbable.
Strip 289: At last, the final one has fallen.
Strip 290: Imagine dramatic music playing.
Strip 291: Enter the Castle
Strip 292: It's all different
Strip 293: Megaman's got skillz
Strip 294: Dramatic Cliffhanger!
Strip 295: More stalling!
Strip 296: Anti-stalling
Strip 297: The fortress boss can rotate.
Strip 298: Reznor fall down
Strip 299: Mario could never do that.
Strip 300: 300th Strip Spectacular!
Strip 301: Meanwhile, Megaman wins
Strip 302: Is this joke too overused in this comic? Naah.
Strip 303: Yay for Megaman
Strip 304: Imagine cheesy elevator music playing.
Strip 305: This may be worse than a ladder.
Strip 306: The End of the Game - April Fool's Day, 2003
Strip 307: "Sanity" is a relative term
Strip 308: It's not a normal boss.
Strip 309: Wow, he's direct.
Strip 310: Ooh boy, the suspense.
Strip 311: Alright, I'll stop stalling...
Strip 312: Just when you thought I couldn't delay any more.
Strip 313: An Act Without Words
Strip 314: Ok, THIS is the largest strip I've ever made.
Strip 315: Chair Man's... Ultimate Attack?
Strip 316: His Ultimate Attack, at last!
Strip 317: The Shocking Truth
Strip 318: More Revelations. Or Something.
Strip 319: Dr. Light's on a cellphone, there.
Strip 320: Where is Wily's Fortress?!
Strip 321: The Fortress: Stage 1
Strip 322: Not a Cloud Man in the sky.
Strip 323: Talking to himself.
Strip 324: Ugh.
Strip 325: Glue You
Strip 326: Another Undefeated Boss.
Strip 327: What Would Blues Do?
Strip 328: Doesn't really make sense.
Strip 329: Wheee.
Strip 330: It's all God's fault, obviously.
Strip 331: It Returns
Strip 332: More of Protoman's Life
Strip 333: In case you can't remember things.
Strip 334: More Special Effects
Strip 335: Damn that Pit Demon.
Strip 336: Conveniently, no enemies in these halls.
Strip 337: Aiee! They're back!
Strip 338: Now, we return to Return of the Pit Demon
Strip 339: Centaur Man's weapon looks sad, in comparison.
Strip 340: Weather Man projectile!
Strip 341: Almost Done Now
Strip 342: Him again!
Strip 343: Church and State
Strip 344: Military and Fishing
Strip 345: Sea and Snow
Strip 346: Postage and Reused Graphics
Strip 347: The Final Showdown
Strip 348: Final Showdown, part 1
Strip 349: Megaman's not really that short.
Strip 350: End of Gato
Strip 351: Death Egg Zone
Strip 352: Freakin' Awesome Boss
Strip 353: Megaman Needs No Rings
Strip 354: Meanwhile, again...
Strip 355: Climactic Final Scene - April Fool's Day, 2004
Strip 356: Game Over

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Assorted Legal-type Stuff:

The comics are all made by me, HJE-Cobra, Maunofett, Mauno Kork, or whatever the hell you want to call me. The funny Robot Masters, with their funny names and attacks, are made, edited, and thought up by me. Although they are pretty basic, when you come down to it. The images are almost all (c) Capcom, who are a really great bunch of people for such a cool series. Why would they sue me, anyway, for a bunch of fan comics? They just didn't make the funny Robot Masters. I made those from existing Robot Master sprites. Ran is (c) himself, used with permission. Shard, Long, and Obvious are all (c) themselves. Everybody in the party strips are (c) themselves, too. And Jailhouse Blues is (c) Ramnesis.