Megaman: The Lost Chronicle

Other 1: For my Birthday
Other 2: For Professor Long's Birthday
Other 3: Guest Strip: Uh... my friend John made this.
Other 4: For my Prom
Other 5: For my Graduation. C/O 2002! Woo!
Other 6: I didn't make this. Snakeman did. It's a figure of me.
Other 7: Guest Strip: Snakeman vs. HJE-Cobra
Other 8: Guest Strip/Art: HJE-Cobra's Angry
Other 9: Random Strip: Complaint Department
Other 10: Megaman vs. Bowser
Other 11: Megaman vs. Shyguys
Other 12: Binary Sunset
Other 13: * Megaman gives you a thumbs up! *
Other 14: Army Man
Other 15: B Horror Movie Man
Other 16: A MM7-ish Stormtrooper!
Other 17: My Capcom/SNK Game Card
Other 18: Capcom/SNK Met Card
Other 19: Wo Man Capcom/SNK Card
Other 20: Shard, from the forums, in 8 bit
Other 21: Professor Long, in 8 bit
Other 22: Dr. Obvious, in 8 bit
Other 23: Rear Admiral, along with Bob and a Tentacle, in 8 bits of EVIL
Other 24: My big ol' Snake Man sheet
Other 25: My '91 Volvo Station Wagon... In MMX form!
Other 26: Professor HJE "Cobra" Long
Other 27: The 2 Year Anniversary Strip for Bob and George
Other 28: Cobra's Had Enough

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Assorted Legal-type Stuff:

The comics are all made by me, HJE-Cobra, Maunofett, Mauno Kork, or whatever the hell you want to call me. The funny Robot Masters, with their funny names and attacks, are made, edited, and thought up by me. Although they are pretty basic, when you come down to it. The images are almost all (c) Capcom, who are a really great bunch of people for such a cool series. Why would they sue me, anyway, for a bunch of fan comics? They just didn't make the funny Robot Masters. I made those from existing Robot Master sprites. Ran is (c) himself, used with permission. Shard, Long, and Obvious are all (c) themselves. Everybody in the party strips are (c) themselves, too. And Jailhouse Blues is (c) Ramnesis.