Megaman: The Lost Chronicle

Other 28: Cobra's Had Enough

Author's Note: See, back on April 1st, 2003, Professor Long made a little joke about his site closing, and I kinda fell for it. Then, he said he "played me like a fiddle." Then, over the next grueling twenty days (at least), every time we spoke, he said "hello fiddle" or something along those lines as a greeting. Eventually, he made this on the topic.

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Assorted Legal-type Stuff:

The comics are all made by me, HJE-Cobra, Maunofett, Mauno Kork, or whatever the hell you want to call me. The funny Robot Masters, with their funny names and attacks, are made, edited, and thought up by me. Although they are pretty basic, when you come down to it. The images are almost all (c) Capcom, who are a really great bunch of people for such a cool series. Why would they sue me, anyway, for a bunch of fan comics? They just didn't make the funny Robot Masters. I made those from existing Robot Master sprites. Ran is (c) himself, used with permission. Shard, Long, and Obvious are all (c) themselves. Everybody in the party strips are (c) themselves, too. And Jailhouse Blues is (c) Ramnesis.